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CABLIVI pharmacy ordering information

Consider stocking or consigning CABLIVI so that therapy is on hand when it’s needed most. CABLIVI is available through a network of authorized specialty distributors (SD) for hospital acquisition. Hospitals and health systems can obtain CABLIVI by placing an order to stock or consign through 1 of the 4 authorized SDs below. It is up to your institution to determine the procurement option that works best for your practice or facility.

SDs for hospital inpatient acquisition

Cardinal SPD
1-855-855-0708 1-855-855-0708

1-800-746-6273 1-800-746-6273

McKesson SD
1-877-625-2566 1-877-625-2566

BioCare SD
1-800-304-3064 1-800-304-3064

If your institution enrolls in CoverMyMeds®, you can use it to complete and process
Prior Authorizations (ePAs) and enroll patients in CABLIVI Patient Solutions.

CABLIVI patient enrollment form

To help your patients transition from hospital to home, complete the CABLIVI Patient Enrollment Form as soon as treatment is initiated. Download, print, and fax the enrollment form to 800-914-0694 to ensure your patients have access to support.

Because prior authorization for outpatient use may take several days, it is recommended that healthcare providers initiate the process simultaneously with the start of inpatient treatment.

CABLIVI Patient Solutions:

  • Provides financial assistance for eligible patients
  • Helps patients with supplemental administration training

Biologics, the specialty pharmacy provider for CABLIVI:

  • Performs a benefit investigation and faxes a summary of benefits to the HCP
  • Coordinates timely home delivery of CABLIVI
  • Provides ongoing support from nurses who can answer questions about CABLIVI
  • Provides access to a pharmacist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Contact information for discharge planning and shipping

1-855-724-7222, Option 2

CABLIVI Patient Enrollment Form

Enroll patients in CABLIVI Patient Solutions for access to specialty pharmacy services, financial assistance, and supplemental administration training.

CABLIVI Hospital Guide

CABLIVI Hospital Guide

This guide highlights key information related to the procurement of, and patient access to, CABLIVI.

Hospital and Home

Help your patients transition from hospital to home


CABLIVI in the hospital and at home

HCP=healthcare professional.



CABLIVI is contraindicated in patients with a previous severe hypersensitivity reaction to caplacizumab-yhdp or to any of its excipients. Hypersensitivity reactions have included urticaria.


Bleeding Risk:

  • CABLIVI increases the risk of bleeding. In clinical studies, severe bleeding adverse reactions of epistaxis, gingival bleeding, upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage, and metrorrhagia were each reported in 1% of subjects. Overall, bleeding events occurred in approximately 58% of patients on CABLIVI versus 43% of patients on placebo. The risk of bleeding is increased, in patients with underlying coagulopathies and concomitant use of CABLIVI with drugs affecting hemostasis.
  • If clinically significant bleeding occurs, interrupt use of CABLIVI. Von Willebrand factor concentrate may be administered to rapidly correct hemostasis. If CABLIVI is restarted, monitor closely for signs of bleeding.
  • Withhold CABLIVI for 7 days prior to elective surgery, dental procedures or other invasive interventions. If emergency surgery is needed, the use of von Willebrand factor concentrate may be considered to correct hemostasis. After the risk of surgical bleeding has resolved, and CABLIVI is resumed, monitor closely for signs of bleeding.


The most common adverse reactions (>15% of patients) were epistaxis (29%), headache (21%) and gingival bleeding (16%).


Concomitant use of CABLIVI with any anticoagulant may increase the risk of bleeding. Assess and monitor closely for bleeding with concomitant use.


There are no available data on CABLIVI use in pregnant women to inform a drug associated risk of major birth defects and miscarriage.

  • Fetal/neonatal adverse reactions: CABLIVI may increase the risk of bleeding in the fetus and neonate. Monitor neonates for bleeding.
  • Maternal adverse reactions: All patients receiving CABLIVI, including pregnant women, are at risk for bleeding. Pregnant women receiving CABLIVI should be carefully monitored for evidence of excessive bleeding.


CABLIVI (caplacizumab-yhdp) is indicated for the treatment of adult patients with acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (aTTP), in combination with plasma exchange and immunosuppressive therapy.